Policies & Promises

Professional Engagement

All Golden Aura courses, coaching packages, group events, mentorship, and masterminds are created to help you grow your soulful business, break through limitations, and get more aligned with your business values and how to express them more fully and authentically with every step.

Please arrive at each engagement ready to learn, discuss, ask questions, and take big steps forward in the creation of your soulful business. AJ prioritizes the creation of safe spaces for the sake of transparency, elevated discussion, and trust building within the group. Your authentic self is welcome and encouraged.


Your business and personal details will be kept in strict confidence.

Permission To Withdraw

You always maintain permission to withdraw from our work together.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this work, we do not offer refunds on courses, coaching packages, group events, mentorship, or masterminds.

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