Hello Soulful Healers & Space Holders

Welcome To My Chic & Soulful Shangri-La Where You Will Nourish, Elevate & Create More High-Level Connection With More Of The Right Clients, So That You Can Have The Practice Of Your Dreams.

I guide healers, coaches, and space-holders to align & alchemize your message & your offerings so that your business vibe becomes an effortless dream & highly charged home base for abundance, fullfillment & exponential expansion.

I'm a healer, visionary, DIY goddess & heart engager, and my specialty is igniting the magical fire within you that calls in your most authentically aligned clients, supporters & community.

I'm Going To Show You How To

expand, align, and magnetize your practice
show up online more authentically
define & call-in your most ideal clients
create irresistable offers
understand your brand & sprinkle it everywhere
feel supported while guiding your own process
feel energized by your work

I Offer Online Courses, Masterminds, Retreats & Mentorship So You Can Actualize More Real Expansion & Aligned Alchemy

I'm Glad You're Here, Darling

I 'm AJ



Manifesting Generator

Magic Maker

I Want You To Consider Golden Aura Your Haven For The Support, Skills, And Vision You've Been Yearning To Manifest For Like...Ever

Your Unique Vision Deserves More Air Time, More Real Connections, And An Opportunity To Serve Others In A Big Way

In Other Words, Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner, Honey!

You Don't Have To Stay Small & Predictable For Anyone Else's Comfort

Take my hand and allow me to show you the magical route to creating your most iconic & fulfilling healing practice. I know that the day you decided to take the step of becoming a healer, coach, witch, leader, guide, or space-holder was the day you said YES to your Soul's desire, and I know there is a part of you that will never look back.

The Path To Creating Your Vision Will Never Be Linear

You probably didn't know that in the beginning, but the truth is: It was never supposed to be. Now that you've encountered some Spiritual off-roading in your business trajectory, you'll be relieved to know that I've been through it before and I'm here to support you through the parts that aren't as clear and straightforward. I know that the best practices are the ones that are built on the most authentic choices and values for you and the audience you serve most fully, and I'm here to help make that happen for you in the best possible way.

The Most Important Part Of Your Process, And Often The Hardest To Come By, Is Having Soulful Support So You Can Stay True To Your Values As A Healer.

That 's where I come in...

I know that the best practices are the ones that are built on the most authentic choices and values for you and the audience you serve most fully, and I'm here to help make that happen for you in the best possible way.

You don't have to struggle, trying to piece things together and feeling defeated. I'm going to show you how to make soulful & sustainable steps in a short amount of time. Let's get started!

The Radiance In Me & The Radiance In You

In Chinese Medicine, the highest value of healing is revealed through the Shen, aka Radiance. And whether it is discussed openly in your trainings, or not, all healers can recognize Radiance in others. It's a reflection of being aligned with your Spirit, fully embodying your gifts, and engaging the world from that position as much as possible.

Let's End The Struggle, Confusion & Frustration

I support & guide healers who want to create something authentic and unique with your offers BECAUSE engaging from authenticity is what's most important--not in spite of it.

This space is here for a community of amazing humans who value authentic connections, radiant living, leading by example, creating unique offers that support the cultivation of Spirit, lighting the way for others, and most importantly, having the courage to create the type of world that lights you up!

And If That Lights You Up,
You're In The Right Place.

Let's Create Something Stellar!

My Professional Bio

Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Healer

I was called to this medicine when I was 19. Waking up to the underlying magic of the world at that time, I first read about Acupuncture and had one of those moments where the clouds parted, the light of Heaven burst through, and I knew that was what I was meant to do here.

Today, I'm an acupuncturist, customizing Chinese herbalist, and nutrition expert. After graduating from Bastyr University in Seattle, I started a private practice in 2007 specializing in digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, highly sensitive people, and those living with chronic illness.

I started out practicing in Charleston, SC and moved to Boston after meeting the love of my life in 2011. I currently have a private practice in Downtown Boston and I love serving this community of brilliant, savvy professionals.

Inner Tradition & Spiritual Alchemy School

I've been a close mentee to Lonny Jarrett, Chinese Medicine Scholar, Visionary, and True Revolutionary for over 15 years.

Working and studying with Lonny has supported me to deeply understand the magic behind the mystique of Chinese Medicine, and the beauty that's available when we include the whole person, and their karmic path, into a more refined and inclusive treatment plan.

My ability to hold many vast & powerful perspectives at once, while creating meaningful and relatable transmission in real time with my clients is highly attuned due to his generosity and guidance.

A million thank-you's will never be enough.

China & India 2006

My Eat, Pray, Love moment happened in 2006, and it was filled with luminosity!

Our program at Bastyr arranged a Chinese Medicine internship for us in Chengdu, Szechuan. We worked in the university hospital for a month and got to see 10x the number of cases per shift than we were accustomed to! We learned so much from the masterful teachers there, and had the experience of a lifetime.

After our internship ended, I traveled with a classmate to Yunnan, China, then down to Thailand for some much needed, post-grad R&R. We spent a few weeks there soaking up the sun and feasting on soulful local Thai food, then we headed to southern India for The Yoga Teacher Training Program in Neyyar Dam at the Sivananada Ashram. We came home so rested, clear-headed, yogified, and certified to teach yoga AND practice Chinese Medicine. Pretty epic.

Breathwork Guide

Already a huge fan of Pranayama, I wasn't surprised when a series of synchronicities led me to my breathwork teachers in 2018.

After a weekend course in NYC, then a 6-day intensive in New Mexico, I gratefully added breathwork to my offerings. Looking back, I am kind of amazed at the changes that have come about since accepting this calling. I thought nothing could beat Acupuncture school, but the truth is, Spirit is amazing and will always keep you mystified.

Notable takeaway: Always say yes to the things that ignite your Soul.

Teacher & Mentor

I've been teaching at the college level for many years. I had the good fortune to bring Chinese Medicine Nutrition to the Culinary Institute of Charleston, I spent 5 years teaching Advanced Case Management & Nutrition at New England School of Acupuncture, and Yoga, Breathwork, Cooking, and Nutrition courses over the many years I've been practicing.

I've been mentoring students and peers for over 10 years. I love the bounty that's available when we just get a little support from the right direction.

Artist & Maker

Prior to acupuncture school, I studied botany & horticulture in Charleston, and worked for Bl├╝mengarten, the chicest event florist in town. I learned to design & create small and large scale installations, including some mind-blowing Charleston weddings {with mind-blowing budgets}, and that led to creating the florals you see in my spaces. My desire for DIY crafts knows no limits. I adore getting my hands on flowers, wire, craft paper, and cutters, and letting creativity take the wheel.

Personal Life

Originally hailing from Kansas, I felt a calling for something I didn't quite know yet, and I set out for South Carolina shortly after high school. I spent over 20 years in Charleston growing up, making lifelong friendships, living large, finding out who I was, and blooming like a flower!

I left Charleston for Acupuncture school in Seattle in 2003, and returned in 2007 ready to bring the good word. I had a wonderful practice there and felt honored to continue working downtown in the Historic Rainbow Row area.

I met my husband through my Spiritual community in 2011, and by 2012 we were moving to Boston together to live and work closely with our community. We have both thrived in Boston, where we are lucky to live downtown, walk everywhere, and spend a lot of time with our Great Dane, Oscar.

Looking back, I know that this whole trajectory for me has been about trusting the things that are bigger than what I know. It's not always smooth, and it's often messy, but if my Spirit is growing in presence and more of my true self is being called forward, I know I'm on the right path.

My early life growing up was hard, and I rarely felt seen, heard, or supported. My gifts today are informed by my deep knowledge that the best things come from slowing down and making room for all of you to come to the table, all of the time. I'm excited you're here and I will gladly be your hand-holder for the next big steps in your magical adventure.


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