Call In Your Ideal Clients & Create A Healing Practice That Feeds Your Soul

Promoting your offers doesn't have to feel salesy, 1-dimensional, or tedious.
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Hey There, I'm AJ

I support healers, coaches, and space-holders to create more expansive, aligned, and magnetic practices filled with your ideal clients having more easeful, amazing, and notable transformations.

At Golden Aura, I Alchemize The Social & The Spiritual For Stunningly Soulful Results

You started your practice because you want to help people recover, thrive,
and live beautifully, but how do you find them?

I have a secret to tell you...

Your ideal clients are everywhere and they are ready to find you!

Let me show you the way, Babe!

I've been perfecting The Art Of The Soulful Practice for over 15 years, and I'm delighted to show you how to create your dream practice on your own terms--with a hearty dose of love, support, guidance, creativity, and fun!

Here are a few of the topics I cover:

beautiful branding
social media
soulful practice principles
aligned offers
leading with your gifts
calling in your ideal clients
creating safe spaces
emotional alchemy
cultivating radiance
righteous boundaries
transformative treatment spaces

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